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Soybean Plant Growth Regulator PD-6

Soybean Plant Growth Regulator PD-6
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Soybean Plant Growth Regulator PD-6

Description: Orange powder which can dissolve in water easily, and ethanol, methanol such organic solvent, It is stable in room temperature


PD-6 is made by scientists from Henan Agricultural University and other scientific research

departments, It is the mixtured plant growth regulators mainly used on Soybean to accelerate more branches of soybean, then improve the yield, it doesn’t need any other fertilizer exclude basic fertilizer after used. It can significantly improve the boost the yield by 40%.


1.Increase branchlets of the soybean, speedy it's a blooming and beanpod, and the number increase 20%-40%, the seeds satiety and have high quality---high content of protein, high ratio of seed oil.

2. Control the plant height, balance its vegetation growth and reproductive growth, make the plant stout and increase the ability of anti-falling over.

3. Relieve the hazard of pesticide, the damage of cold, hailstone, herbicide, and resume quickly.

4. little dosage, only use one time during the bean's whole growing season, 1 hectare just need 100g PD-6 dissolve in 250-300 kg water.


Package: 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum