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CAS181828-06-8 Polyaspartic Acid Water Treatment Agent

CAS181828-06-8 Polyaspartic Acid Water Treatment Agent
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Product Details

Polyaspartic acid is an excellent biodegradable green chemical. It not only has good calcium ion exchange capacity and biodegradability, but also can destroy calcium salt crystal scale. It can be used in industrial circulating cooling water. Water quality stabilizer.



Physical And Chemical Properties




Yellow to umber liquid

Solid content %

40.0 min

Density (20℃)g/cm3

1.20 min

pH(1%  water solution)


The application of polyaspartic acid in agriculture. Polyaspartic acid itself is not a fertilizer, but it can be used as a fertilizer synergist. Polyaspartic acid has a chelation effect on metal ions. A certain molecular mass of polyaspartic acid can enrich nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements to plants, enabling plants to use fertilizer more effectively and improve crop yield and quality. . The addition of polyaspartic acid increases crop yield and improves soil quality.

Package: 200L/drum