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Plant Growth Regulator Propyl dihydrojasmonate PDJ CAS158474-72-7

Plant Growth Regulator Propyl dihydrojasmonate PDJ CAS158474-72-7
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Product Details

Names: Propyl dihydrojasmonate

Molecular Formula: C15H26O3

EINECS No.: 158474-72-7

Type: Agrochemical Intermediates

Purity: 99.0%min

Application: Pharm Intermediates

Appearance: Yellow Liquid, Yellow liquid

CAS: 158474-72-7

Product name: Propyl dihydrojasmonate

Molecular Weight: 254.37

Packing: 25kg/bag

Usage: Plant Growth Regulator


More information of Propyl dihydrojasmonate

Propyl dihydrojasmonate, is a synthetically made plant growth regulator that is structurally similar and functionally identical to jasmonic acid, a naturally occurring plant growth regulator present in all vascular plants. Jasmonic acid is involved with fruit colour development in red apple varieties by enhancing accumulation of anthocyanin, which is a red pigment and found predominantly in outer cell layers such as the epidermis and mesophyll cells in flowers and fruits

Storage:It should be stored in a well-closed container at low temperature, keep away from moisture, heat and light.


Application of Propyl dihydrojasmonate

1.PDJ can significantly increase fujiminori ear, single weight and soluble solids content, promote the coloration of the fruit surface.

2.Help rice, corn, wheat and so on to improve the anti-virus capabilities against cold or drought.