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Auxin Plant Growth Regulator IBA.NAA 2%SP

Auxin Plant Growth Regulator IBA.NAA 2%SP
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Product Details

【Product Name】 Vigor Source ® IBA·NAA 2%SP @Panpan Industry Co., Limited

【Preparation】 IBA 1%+NAA 1%

【Toxicity】 Low

【Crops】  Paddy, Poplar, Rose, Grape, Corn

【Features】IBA·NAA 2%SP is made up of two kinds of auxin plant growth regulators, Indole-3-butyric acid(IBA) and naphthaleneacetic acid(NAA), which stimulate cell activity, break seed dormancy, and effectively advance plant seedlings, promote root primordium differentiation and accelerate root growth and development. , greatly increase the number and length of the roots, the main root, the roots double excitation. Explosive rooting. It is conducive to the formation of a large and strong plant root group, shortening the number of transplanting days, significantly increasing the survival rate of transplanting, strengthening plants and increasing yield. It can be used for transplanting or cutting, which can stimulate the activity of plant cells, promote cell division and expansion, promote root differentiation, stimulate callus to form adventitious roots, accelerate root growth and development, increase transplant survival rate, and enhance plant resistance. Promote the growth of cuttings or cuttings.


1. Double excitation(main root and fibrous root)

2. Explosive rooting


【Application techniques and methods】







Regulate crop growth; Increase yield

500-750 times

Immersing seed

(1) Soaking seeds for 10-12 hours, then soaking them with water to germination and whitening, and germination with conventional germination.

(2) Do not arbitrarily increase the concentration and soaking time.

(3) Do not use inferior rice seeds.

(4) Use at once after dissolved


Promote rooting

130-200 times

Soak the base of the cuttings



The base of the poplar cuttings is soaked in the liquid for 8-10 hours, and the soaking depth is 2 to 3 cm. After the soaking is completed, the soaked cuttings are placed at a 45-degree angle with the ground, buried in the field, and 1-2 buds are exposed in the upper part.


Promote rooting

120-150 times

Soak the base of the cuttings

.After the immersion of the lunar strip for 1~2 hours, the soaking depth is 2~3 cm at the base of the insert.

Apply this product once a season, soak the base of the seasoning strip for 10 minutes, bury it in the surface, and expose 1-2 buds in the upper part.


Improve the survival rate

100-200 times

Soak the base of the cuttings

Soak for 2-3 hours after the poplars and grape branches are bundled, the depth is 2-3 cm at the base of the cuttings, and then cut. The soaked cuttings are placed at a 45-degree angle to the ground and buried in the field, with 1-2 buds exposed in the upper part.


Regulate growth

600-800 times

Immersing seed

Immerse dry seeds in the 600-800 dilutions of this product for 5-8 hours before sowing.

【Application Technology】



Twig cutting

5g mixed water 1.2-2kg, after mixing, dip the base of the strip 2-3 cm, 2-3 minutes

Lignified cuttings

5g mixed water 0.6-1.2kg, after mixing, dip the base of the strip 2-3 cm, 7-8 minutes

Difficult root cutting

5g mixed water 0.3-0.6kg, after mixing, dip the base of the strip 2-3 cm, 10-30 minutes

Seedling transplanting

5g mixed water 3-6kg, soak the roots for 5 minutes or evenly spray the roots to drip, then transplant

Rice and vegetable transplanting

5g mixed water 1-10kg, dip root when transplanted

Paddy, vegetable seedling or transplanted spray

5g mixed water 10-15kg, spray

Seedlings, fruit trees, vegetables

5g mixed water 10-15kg, irrigation root


1. Cutting roots, plants with easy rooting are used in small concentrations, and the time is shorter; the concentration of difficult roots is larger and longer.

2. sensitive and spare amount of melon, 5g mixed with 30 kg of water, root or spray.

3. Apply after a small range test.



1. The safety interval of the product used on wheat is 15 days, spray 2 times per season; the safe interval on cucumber is 3 days, and the maximum applied twice per season.

2. It should be used according to the recommended dosage. If the concentration is too high, it will inhibit the growth of plants.

3. This product is low-toxic to fish, silkworms and bees. Do not use it during the flowering period of the crop.

4. This product can not be mixed with extremely acidic substances.

5. Wear gloves and a mask when using this product to avoid contact with skin or inhalation of liquid medicine. Wash hands and face after application. Application equipment is not allowed to be washed in water bodies such as rivers and ponds.

6. Pregnant women and lactating women are prohibited from contacting this product.

7. The used container should be disposed of properly, should not be discarded at will.

Poisoning first aid

If you accidentally splash into your eyes or contaminate your skin, rinse with plenty of water. If you have a misfeed, you should take the label to the hospital immediately.


Storage and transportation

This product should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place. Keep out of reach of children and lock them. Can not be stored with food, beverages, food, feed, seeds and flammable and explosive materials.