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Defoliating Agent Thidiazuron . Diuron 540g/L SC for Sale

Defoliating Agent Thidiazuron . Diuron 540g/L SC for Sale
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Product Details

【Product name】Defoliant ® Thidiazuron.Diuron 540G/L SC @Panpan Industry Co., Limited

【Preparation】Thidiazuron 360G/L+Diuron 180G/L SC



【Features】Cotton is extremely sensitive to thidiazuron. Generally, 4 to 12 hours after use, the amount of ethylene produced in cotton is significantly increased. At the same time, thidiazuron can inhibits the growth of auxin in plants and promotes the production of cytokinins. This special mechanism of action does not interrupt the plant's metabolism, ensuring the normal maturation process of the boll. 

Thidiazuron can induce cotton leaf detachment without degrading chlorophyll and not changing leaf water potential. Diuron is a sulfonylurea herbicide with a systemic conduction and a certain contact poisoning. Diuron is inhibited by the roots and leaves of plants, which can inhibit photosynthesis, resulting in chlorosis, leaf tip and leaf edge fading, resulting in plant death due to lack of nutrition.

This product is a special defoliant for cotton. It can make cotton leaves fall off in advance, quickly promote dryness, early and rapid leaves, effective in 7-10 days, obvious effect of defoliation and ripening for 30 days, and the rate of defoliation can reach 88.65. % -93.75%.

【Characteristic】Low dosage,  low temperature resistance,  high quality,  fast action,  high rate of defoliation


【Application techniques and methods】








Spray stem and leaf

1. Application period: when the natural boll opening rate of cotton reaches 50% or the natural boll opening rate of cotton lower branches is above 30%, spray the stems and leaves once;

2. If the temperature is high during the application (lowest temperature at night > 12 ° C), cotton maturity is better, use low dose; instead use high dose;

3. When dispensing the pharmaceutical liquid, first prepare the mother liquor with a small amount of water, then add the recommended amount of water, and evenly mix and spray the cotton plant;

4. Aircraft spray, the water consumption per 667㎡ is 6-8 liters; the tractor applies, the water consumption per 667㎡ is 15-20 liters; the artificial spray, the water consumption per 667㎡ is 30-50 liters; According to the dosage of 3-5 ml per 667㎡, 15-30 liters of water, spray the lower part of the cotton to improve the ventilation and light transmission of the cotton field;

5. Note: too early application may affect fiber quality; Safety interval: 7 days,;The maximum number of applications per season: 1 time.




1. Under low temperature conditions, this product can also show better defoliation effect;

2. This product promotes the formation of the separation layer of the cotton petiole base in advance, promotes the leaf detachment before the blade is withered, avoids the contamination of the cotton wool by the dead leaf debris, and improves the cotton quality;

3. This product improves cotton maturity conditions, so that the early autumn cotton peaches are evenly matured early, which can significantly increase the proportion of flowers in front of the frost and improve the quality;

4. Facilitate mechanical cotton picking and manual concentration and rapid cotton picking;

5. In the late stage of cotton growth, spraying the product on the lower part of the cotton plant can make the lower old leaves fall off, improve the ventilation and light transmission of the cotton field, reduce the rotten bell, and facilitate the sowing or transplanting of the lower crop.




1. The dosage and effect of this product are affected by temperature, humidity, light intensity, cotton maturity, density, variety and other factors during application; attention should be paid to temperature changes before and after application, within 3-5 days. The lowest temperature ≥12 °C is more conducive to the full effect of the product; for the field where the cotton grows vigorously and densely, the high dose is applied; it is applied strictly according to the recommended dosage. If the dose is too high, it will cause dead leaves; if the dose is too low, the defoliation will be insufficient; if it is applied too early, a large amount of immature fibers will be produced, resulting in economic loss;

2. It should not be mixed with dead leaf agent or sodium chloride. It is not allowed to use the mixed agent overnight. It is not recommended to use ultra-low dosage form (ULV) or micro-injection system;

3. Rainfall will affect the efficacy within 24 hours after the drug, and it needs to be re-sprayed;

4. When applying the medicine, wear a mask, gloves, protective protective clothing, smoking and eating. Do not take a bath immediately after applying the medicine, and thoroughly clean the protective equipment such as work clothes;

5. The equipment for spraying this medicine should be thoroughly cleaned with detergent and water immediately; the wastewater from washing or rinsing the container should avoid polluting rivers, ponds and other water bodies. It is forbidden to clean the applicator in water bodies such as rivers and ponds, and to stay away from water bodies such as aquaculture areas and river ponds. The waste should be disposed of properly and cannot be used for other purposes. Avoid contact between pregnant women and lactating women.

【Poisoning first aid】

(1) This product is low in toxicity and has a stimulating effect on eyes and skin.

(2) Splash into the eyes, rinse immediately with water for at least 15 minutes, when serious, go to the hospital;

【Storage and transportation】

1. This product should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated and rainproof place. It should not be stored with food, seeds, feed, flammable or explosive materials, and stored in a place that children and unrelated people cannot reach. 

2. It must be strictly protected from moisture and sun when transporting, transport to ensure that it is not damaged, not dumped, high temperature, rain, transported with special vehicles; avoid contact with skin and eyes.