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Hot Sale Plant Growth Regulator Thidiazuron 50%WP for Cotton

Hot Sale Plant Growth Regulator Thidiazuron 50%WP for Cotton
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Product Details

【Product Name】 Defoliant ® Thidiazuron 50%WP @Panpan Industry Co., Limited

【Preparation】 Thidiazuron 50%WP

【Toxicity】 Slightly

【Crops】 Cotton

【Features】Thidiazuron 50% wettable powder can promote the synthesis of ethylene, inhibit the transport of auxin, and reduce the ratio of auxin to ethylene. At 24 h after the treatment with Thidiazuron 50%, the ethylene released from the leaves reached a peak and then reached a certain level until the leaves fell off. It can remove mature leaves and remove young leaves. It can inhibit secondary growth and remove young leaves.

【Characteristic】  Shorten the fall time   Increase cotton floc volume  Ripening and increasing yield  Improve quality

【Application techniques and methods】








Spray stem and leaf

1. This product should be sprayed evenly on the stem and leaf when the natural boll opening rate reaches about 70% in cotton field. The defoliation starts in about 10 days, and the boll opening increases, reaching a peak in 15 days.

2. When using this product, avoid spilling onto other crops to avoid phytotoxicity.

3. Rainfall will affect the efficacy within 2 days after application, and pay attention to weather changes before application.



1. Promote the formation of the separation layer of the cotton petiole in advance, so that the leaves fall off before the withering, thus avoiding the contamination of the cotton wool by the dead leaf debris and improving the quality of the cotton; 

2. In the late stage of cotton growth, the lower old leaves are detached, the ventilation and light transmission conditions of cotton fields are improved, the rotten bells are reduced, the color and quality of cotton are improved, and increase the economic benefits;

3. To improve cotton maturity conditions, which can make cotton precocity and cotton boll bolls relatively advanced and concentrated, increase the proportion of cotton before frost, improve the efficiency of artificial picking and the quality and efficiency of mechanical cotton picking operations;

4. High temperature and high humidity, large temperature difference between day and night, sufficient light, all of these can make the effect of defoliation better, can achieve concentrated cracking of cotton plants, increase omiting, unified mechanical harvesting.


1. This product is used once a season.

2. Accurately weigh a small amount of water and mix it into a mother liquid and pour it into the diluted solution. Mix well and add enough water to stir evenly.

3. When applying the medicine should not be earlier than 60% cracking of the cotton peach, so as not to affect the yield and quality.

4. Rainfall will affect the efficacy within two days after application.

5. The remaining liquid medicine and the water for washing the application utensils should not be poured into water bodies or fields such as rivers, ponds, etc. The used containers should be properly disposed of, not used for other purposes, and should not be discarded at will.

6. Must wear anti-virus masks, glasses, long-sleeved shirts, trousers and shoes, socks and so on. Do not smoke, drink, eat, etc. during operation. Wash your hands, face and mouth thoroughly with soap after work. If you have the conditions, you should take a shower.

7. Pregnant women and lactating women should avoid contact with this product.

Poisoning first aid

(1) This product is low in toxicity and has a stimulating effect on eyes and skin.

(2) Splash into the eyes, rinse immediately with water for at least 15 minutes, when serious, go to the hospital;

Storage and transportation

1. This product should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated and rainproof place. It should not be stored with food, seeds, feed, flammable or explosive materials, and stored in a place that children and unrelated people cannot reach. .

2. It must be strictly protected from moisture and sun when transporting, transport to ensure that it is not damaged, not dumped, high temperature, rain, transported with special vehicles; avoid contact with skin and eyes.