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Plant Growth Regulator Paclobutrazol +Mepiquat Chloride 10%WP

Plant Growth Regulator Paclobutrazol +Mepiquat Chloride 10%WP
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Product Details

【Product Name】 Plant Growth Regulator Paclobutrazol +Mepiquat Chloride 10%WP

【Preparation】 Paclobutrazol 2.5%+Mepiquat Chloride 7.5% WP

【Toxicity】Low toxicity

【Crops】Soy, peanut, rice, wheat

【Features】This product is made up of paclobutrazol and mepiquat chloride. Paclobutrazol is an inhibitor of endogenous gibberellin synthesis. It can be a short plant, which makes the leaves dark green and controls the growth of plants. Mepiquat chloride is a systemic growth retardant that inhibits cell elongation and inhibits gibberellin. Biosynthesis, delaying the growth of vegetative period, dwarfing plants, increasing chlorophyll content, and improving the assimilation ability of leaves.

【Main Functions】

1. Control plants vigorous growing, control shoot, anti-lodging.

2. Enhance photosynthesis, promote nutrient accumulation and transformation, leaf thickening.

3. Regulate the operation and metabolism of hormones in plant, balance plant nutrition. Control vegetative growth and promote reproductive growth, promote flower bud differentiation, increase quantity of branch, improve yield and fruit quality.

4. Promote root activity, reduce leaf transpiration, and enhance disease resistance.

【Application techniques and methods】






Regulate growth, increase yield

60-80 g/667㎡



Regulate growth, increase yield

120-150 g/667㎡



Regulate growth, increase yield

300-500 times dilution


Plant Growth Regulator Paclobutrazol +Mepiquat Chloride 10%WP

1. Sprayed in the wheat greening period, the weak seedlings are not sprayed, used once a season, and the harvesting period is safe.

2. Spray at the end of the peanut flowering, use once a season, and the harvesting period is safe.

3. Spray in the full bloom period of soybean, use once a season, and the harvesting period is safe.

Do not apply in high winds or when rainfall is expected within 1 hour.


1. The safety interval of the product used on wheat is 15 days, spray 2 times per season; the safe interval on cucumber is 3 days, and the maximum applied twice per season.

2. It should be used according to the recommended dosage. If the concentration is too high, it will inhibit the growth of plants.

3. This product is low-toxic to fish, silkworms and bees. Do not use it during the flowering period of the crop.

4. This product can not be mixed with extremely acidic substances.

5. Wear gloves and a mask when using this product to avoid contact with skin or inhalation of liquid medicine. Wash hands and face after application. Application equipment is not allowed to be washed in water bodies such as rivers and ponds.

6. Pregnant women and lactating women are prohibited from contacting this product.

7. The used container should be disposed of properly, should not be discarded at will.

Poisoning first aid:

If you accidentally splash into your eyes or contaminate your skin, rinse with plenty of water. If you have a misfeed, you should take the label to the hospital immediately.

Storage and transportation:

This product should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place. Keep out of reach of children and lock them. Can not be stored with food, beverages, food, feed, seeds and flammable and explosive materials.